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  3. The Ordering Process
  4. Changing Your Profile

Do not hesitate to view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for quick answers to questions that may arise while you navigate the site. If you still have unanswered questions about the program after looking through the FAQ section, contact a customer service representative by phone at 1 800-983-3045 or electronically by completing the form in the Contact Us section.

1. First Time Registration

You must register as an AgriCard Desjardins cardholder with the Desjardins AgriPoints Rewards Program to:

  • Check your AgriPoints balance,
  • Shop online,
  • Check your order's status and history.


  1. Choose a username (between 6 and 10 digits) that is easy to remember and hard to guess by others
  2. Choose a password that is easy to remember and hard to guess by others (i.e. do not use your birth date). The password must be between 6 and 10 digits, contain at least 1 letter and the first 3 digits must be numbers.
  3. Choose an authentication question and enter a one-word answer. This question will be used to confirm your identity if you forget your password or when you contact Customer Service.
  4. Click on SUBMIT.

If you have entered the information correctly and your username has not already been chosen by someone else, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. You can then log in and shop at your convenience.

Click here to register.

2. Login Process

Enter your username and password in the indicated fields on the top right corner of the page and click on OK. Once your information has been validated, your name, Agripoints balance and number of items in your cart will be displayed on the top right side of your screen. In the Your Profile section you will find more information on your account

3. Ordering Process

A) Browse the catalogue

You can browse the online catalogue without logging in. Each gift card is presented with a product name and a photo. By clicking on the photo, a detailed description of the gift card is displayed. You can enlarge the image by clicking on Enlarge Image.

B) Order Gift Card

Add to Cart
To add a gift card to your cart, click on the ADD TO CART icon. If the gift card is available in more than one denomination or if you want more than one, you must make your selection before you can add the gift card to your cart. On the upper right corner of your screen, you will see the number of items in your cart.

Check Order
Check the items in your cart by clicking on the cart icon on the top right corner of your screen. You can modify your order by changing the quantities. Click on Update to update your order.

Confirm Order
You may choose to have the order delivered to the address appearing on your AgriCard Desjardins account statement or to one of two additional addresses listed in your profile. If there aren't any other addresses saved in your profile you can create one by selecting New Address. By choosing the New Addresses option, the name and address fields will be cleared automatically and you will be required to enter the information for the new delivery address.

Once you have validated your address, click on NEXT STEP to access the order review page. Check the information's accuracy and click on CONFIRM ORDER or on BACK to make a change. When you confirm, you will receive a confirmation number that you can print. You will also receive an e-mail indicating your order's confirmation number.

Order Status
When you are logged in, you can check the status of your phone or Internet orders. There may be a five-minute delay before your order's information is updated.

To check your order status, click on the Your Profile link followed by Order History. A history of all your orders, starting with the most recent, will appear. If your order has already been shipped, the shipping date will appear along with the reference number of the delivery company. By clicking on this number you will be re-directed to the delivery company website where you will be able to check your order's status. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery. Note that some gift cards may be shipped within 24 hours.

4. Modify Profile Information

To change your email address, password or authentication question, click on the Your Profile link.

To change your password, enter a new password (between 6 and 20 digits) in the Password and Password Confirmation fields and click on SUBMIT.

To change your email address, enter your new email address in the Email Address field and click on SUBMIT. You do not need to enter your password.

To change your authentication question, select a question, enter a one-word answer in the Answer field and click on SUBMIT.

Click on CANCEL to revert back to the original information.