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If the cardholder benefits from the AgriPoints Rewards Program, the cardholder acknowledges that this program is subject to the following rules.
  • The program is offered exclusively with the AgriCard. The AgriPoints are calculated according to a percentage of the purchases made with the AgriCard.

  • Cardholders earn points at a rate of 1 point for every $4 purchased on AgriCard.

  • A payment in AgriPoints can be applied towards the purchase of gift cards for the following merchants Best Buy; Canadian Tire; Costco; Home Depot; RONA; ITunes; TSC Stores and COOP. TO OBTAIN THE COMPLETE AND UP-TO-DATE LIST OF THE VARIOUS POSSIBILITIES FOR AgriPoints PURCHASES, THE CARDHOLDER CAN CALL 1 800 363-3380.

  • Credit charges are not eligible for AgriPoints.

  • AgriPoints cannot be exchanged for cash or credited as payment on the cardholder’s statement of account.

  • AgriPoints cannot be transferred to the account of another AgriCard cardholder. Cardholders and additional cardholders of an account are co-holders of their AgriPoints, and each can make a request for payment.

  • The Federation is released from all responsibility regarding the use of AgriPoints by any of the cardholders or additional cardholders.

  • In the event of repayment of a purchase, the AgriPoints obtained are deducted from cardholder’s AgriPoints balance.

  • Each request for payment of AgriPoints shall consist of not less than $25.

  • Except for damages that might be caused due to gross fault or gross negligence, in no case shall the Federation or any other participant in the program, including their employees, be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused in connection with the program, particularly by cancellation of the program.

  • The Federation and any other participant in the program shall not be deemed, in any circumstances, to be the agents or representatives of any of them and may not thereby bind them or incur their liability.

  • A cardholder who does not observe one of the rules of participation in the program, whose account is outstanding for 90 days or whose card has been cancelled by the Federation may not exercise his rights under the program, particularly the use of his AgriPoints.

  • AgriPoints which are not exchanged within 90 days after the expiry date of the program or the closing of the AgriCard account will be cancelled automatically. In the event of the primary cardholder’s death, AgriPoints will be cancelled.

  • The Federation reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time without notice. The nature or the value of the discounts or benefits mentioned may be modified, cancelled or replaced without notice by the suppliers. Other program benefits are subject to the rules mentioned in this Agreement.